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A guide to Opening your Wii

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There are heaps of guides available on the internet so there is no point in writing our own. However we are not going to link to these sites, as the tehskeen one we linked to died, and we want this up for ages. This guide was taken from here and altered a little

[edit] Guide

  1. Flip the device upside down and remove the small silver Phillips screw. Once out, remove the battery tray from the console.
  2. Next remove the rubber foot directly above this battery tray. Also remove the three square white stickers from the bottom of the Wii. The rubber foot and the sticker are covering hidden screws. Figure 3 provides a shot of where these screws are located. Image:wiiInstall1.jpg
  3. Unscrew the two Triwing screws and three Phillips screws from the bottom of the Wii.
  4. Flip the Wii over onto its right side. Locate and remove the two rear rubber feet and the two rectangle stickers near the faceplate.
  5. Remove the two silver Triwing screws in the holes and remove the two black Triwing screws on the faceplateImage:wiiInstall2.jpg
  6. Flip the Wii upright and carefully remove the two socket covers. They come right out with a little wiggling.
  7. Remove the three black Phillips screws from the black plate (Figure 5). Note the one closest to the faceplate is the longest and will need to go back into that hole when putting the Wii back together. Image:wiiInstall3.jpg
  8. With the screws removed, carefully pull off the faceplate of the front of the Wii. You will need to disconnect the red/black wire plug from the Wii to remove the faceplate completely. Figure 6 shows what is hiding under the faceplate.
  9. Remove black plate from memory/controller socket area.
  10. Remove two silver Phillips and two silver Triwing screws from memory/controller socket area.Image:wiiInstall5.jpg
  11. Lay the Wii on left side (with the ATI and Nintendo logo facing you) and slowly work the right side cover of the console off the device. This will take a little bit of force. If something appears to be stuck, double check to ensure you removed all the screws. Image:wiiInstall6.jpg
  12. Locate and remove four screws holding DVD reader in place. Two are located in plain site in the middle of the unit. Two are located near the front of the Wii inside the DVD unit. Image:wiiInstall7.jpg
  13. Slowly tilt the DVD player upward toward top of Wii. There are two wires that need to be disconnected before you can safely remove the DVD unit. One is a plug type of connector that only requires a little tug. The other is a circuit strip connector that requires you to lift the brown catch, which will release the pressure holding the strip in place . Do not break this!Image:wiiInstall9.jpg
  14. You can then access the Installation Canvas and proceed with your Wii Modification
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