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How To Update WODE Jukebox

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You will need

  1. A SD card (any size will do)
  2. The update file
  3. your WODE!


  1. Make sure your card is formated in FAT or FAT32, NTFS file system will not work!
  2. put the "update.bin" file in the root of the SD card. The root means the very top!, not inside a folder
  3. make sure the file is not zipped, its the actual file inside the zip, if you downloaded a zip.
  4. put the SD card inside your WODE SD card slot
  5. Turn off your wii/wode, if its on
  6. Turn on your Wii, and the WODE should find the file, and start updating

There are a couple different types of updates.

WODE menu updates only take about 1 minute A WODE FPGA update (updating the CORE functionality, really amazing this can be done via SD card) will take up to 5 minutes.

Just be patient, when its done, its done, and your WODE will go into the menu

You can verify the update by checking the "ABOUT" section of the WODE

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