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[edit] How to Use Pandoras Batt with CFW

  1. Pull out your battery, and power. Insert the Memory Stick with custom firmware on it (has to be done in the right way, which is why we sell them predone), then insert the Tool Battery
  2. A screen show come up with some options. Click on 'Install CFW' should be the first option.
  3. Leave your PSP until the progress bar is done
  4. Installation is now almost over.
  5. You need to trick your PSP into thinking that there is a UMD inside when you are booting a game/homebrew. The way you do this is to totally power off the PSP (pull the battery out). Insert your normal battery. Hold down the Right trigger of your PSP while you turn it on. Keep the right trigger held until it boots into the custom menu.
  6. once you are in, go to configuration. Then scroll down to 'umd mode'. Press X twice to get it onto 'Sony np9660 -No UMD-'
  7. Then go Back, then Exit.
  8. thats it, done!

[edit] How to Use a PSP with custom firmware - Quick Guide

  1. Turn on your PSP
  2. Stick in your Memory Stick
  3. Format the Memory stick through the PSP (System settings --> Format)
  4. Connect your PSP to your computer via a usb cable (or take the Mem stick out and use a card reader)
  5. You will notice a series of folders on the stick....

[edit] ISO folder

If you have ISOs or CSOs (compressed ISOs) just drag them into the 'ISO' folder

[edit] Homebrew

This page is still in development, if you have any questions, just email us as at OzModChips

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